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How it all began..

My first steps into the realms of woodturning were taken almost by accident.

During years living in New Zealand in the mid-1990s, I enrolled on a woodworking evening course. At that time my thoughts were more of tables and cabinets rather than of hollow forms and chasing threads.  In a moment of workshop exploration, I found a lathe in a dusty corner, persuaded the tutor to let me ‘have a play’ and was immediately smitten.

The purchase of a second-hand lathe and few basic tools soon followed. Guided by the experience, patience and kindness of members of the West Auckland Woodturners Guild, the next few steps toward learning the basic skills were taken.

Returning to the UK in 1998, I set about developing those skills, using every opportunity to practice and to learn from others. Of particular importance has been my membership of two local woodturning clubs; Avon & Bristol Woodturners (affiliated to the Association of Woodturners of GB) and the Gloucestershire Association of Woodturners.

Working with wet wood, producing hollow forms and thread chasing have become particular favorites of mine.  With some of this type of work I have had great fun and some success in competitions at both club and national level.

In July 2001 I was awarded a scholarship to attend the AWGB's 8th International Seminar.  A wonderful opportunity and an absolutely stunning seminar.

In August 2002 I was very proud to be entered  on to the roll of the Register of Professional Turners.

A selection of my work can be viewed at the ‘Connoisseur's Gallery’ 2, Chipping Court Shopping Mall  Tetbury, Gloucestershire. 01666 503155

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